Diego Luna is a household name in Mexico who's appeared in countless telenovas and critically-acclaimed films including Y Tu Mamá TambiénHowever, the 37-year-old actor's portrayal of Captain Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has thrust him into the mainstream limelight and earned him the adoration of everybody and their mother--literally. Here are 10 tweets from people whose moms are currently lusting over Luna: 
  1. "I'm not saying anything is going to happen to your father, but if it did, I wouldn't mind being Mrs. Diego Luna." -- My mom. 
  2. My mom all of a sudden knows so much about Star Wars because of Diego Luna. 
  3. My mom's out here going, "Didn't I tell you about Diego Luna years ago? Now look at all these people BARELY finding out."
  4. My mom's always bringing up how "all of a sudden" I like Diego Luna and how she knew of him when he was in novelas. Okay, mom. 
  5. I mentioned Star Wars to my mom and she went on a five-minute rant about how cute Diego Luna is. 
  6. I went to see Rogue One again with my mom because she saw that Diego Luna was in it and begged me. 
  7. My parents are in Orlando and all my mom does is text me pictures of Diego Luna from Disney World. 
  8. The look of happiness on my mom's face when she saw that Diego Luna was a main character in Star Wars was the most precious thing ever. 
  9. My mom made me rewind because she wanted to see Diego Luna again. 
  10. "I forgot to remind you that Diego Luna was on Despierta America today." -- My mom

Hey.... those moms aren't wrong. Deigo Luna is FINE!