2019 3rd Annual Delaware Head2Toe Relay Ride

Concord High School  · 

This is our 3rd Annual Delaware Head2Toe Relay Ride, held Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. It’s a relay ride, not a race, so you don’t need to be a professional to join the fun, but you do need a team! Let me explain, the entire distance is 142 miles – but you’re not doing it by yourself. The ride is broken into 9 legs, with each leg ranging from 12 to 19 miles. At each pit stop you will be handing your team baton to the next rider. You and your team will decide who rides which and how many legs. Since this is a relay ride, each team must have at least 2 riders. Of course, the more team riders the more fun and less miles each rider must complete. But if you don't think of yourself as a bike advocate, that's okay, too! You could always volunteer your time to help at the pit stops or you could participate as a virtual rider; a person who does not ride, but joins us at the last leg (finish).

Proceeds benefit Bike Delaware, a non-profit that advocates for safe, convenient and fun biking and walking for everyone.

We need your support...join us to Relay It, Solo It, Team It, or Support It. For more information, click here!


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