Festival Survival Tips

Photo Credit:  Brian Rickards

You purchased your four day passes and you can't wait for Firefly 2018.  Make it the best FF yet with some below tips and items.

  • Combat festival funk with plenty of baby wipes, hand sanitizer, dry shampoo and scentless deodorant (it won't attract bugs)
  • Drop a pin win you park so you won't have to search for your car several days later
  • Use a wagon or wheel barrow to transport items from car to camp site if necessary
  • Bring a back-up charger or solar charger - yes your phone will die without it
  • Set up a meeting point with friends and use flags to keep your group from getting separated in the crowd
  • Freeze bottles of water and stick in the cooler - to double as ice packs
  • Strap a head lamp to a jug of water for an instant light at night
  • Hide some extra cash in your phone cash just in case
  • Keep phone, cash and ID on your person just in case or better yet bring along a lightweight shoulder bag or waist pack so you can always keep hands free
  • Bring extra bags:  Ziploc bags, trash bags  - they can keep your phone, back pack, purse, shoes and even yourself dry in bad weather 
  • Bringing eggs for breakfast?  Scramble them ahead of time and store in a water bottle for easier packing
  • Use foam floor tiles or yoga mats to add some padding to your tent 
  • Create a hand washing station out of an extra -large laundry detergent jug - use a bungee cord  to attach paper towels 
  • Keep toilet paper nice and dry in an empty coffee can
  • Use an empty pill bottle or Altoids tin as a make shift first aid kit - fill with Band-Aids, Motrin, Tylenol, safety pins, and anything else you may need
  • Stick your valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag at night
  • Duct tape, duct tape, duct tape - it's the perfect emergency fix for many, many issues including tears in tents
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
  • Wear and pack plenty of sunscreen

Source:  BuzzFeed

Source:  Cosmopolitan

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