Father of 5 tragically killed in Las Vegas

A sucker punch on the streets of Las Vegas led to the death of a father of five.

Louie Campos, 45, from California joined his three brothers in Sin City on  April 30. They took a picture hours before a random attack ended his  life.

Campos and his younger brother Drake Garibay were in line  for the Vanguard, a bar on Fremont Street, when they were approached by  two men around 1:34 a.m.

"One of them said, 'What are you looking at?' or 'Do you have a  problem?' I can't remember what his exact wording was, and then he  struck my brother," Drake said.

The suspects were captured on surveillance video down the street. They were first seen walking then picked up their pace.

The  punch was so severe it knocked Campos out and caused brain bleeding.  Paramedics rushed him to the hospital, but he never regained  consciousness and died Thursday.

Source: 6abc.com

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