A marriage started by a prank phone call!

It all began with an innocent joke.

Anita  Barnes was a junior at George Washington University when she and her  roommate, Fran, decided to play a phone prank on a friend from class.  This was 1966, a time when phone calls still retained some of their  mystery: You couldn’t know who was calling — and certainly not why —  unless you picked up.

For several days, Anita and Fran  played their little game — dialing, giggling and hanging up before the  voice on the other end had a chance to say anything.

But Anita and Fran had made a mistake: They had misremembered their classmate’s number. They were, in fact, calling a stranger.

One day, the stranger picked up and said, “Hello” before they even had a chance to giggle.

The  joke was over. The two women decided they had to call back and  apologize. It was a very long apology — but a very effective one. After  two hours of talking, Anita and the stranger had plans for a dinner  date.

The rest is history!

source: Washington Post

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