Hammock Time @ Firefly 2017

Five minutes before gates opened today we had the bright idea of heading to The Nook and just laying down for a second in one of the hammocks.  

No lie...in less than two minutes with the slight breeze rocking me back and forth - I could have easily been out for hours. Comfiest place ever at the Woodlands.  

Happy Firefly 2017, y'all.  Come on by Lot 8 during our live broadcast daily from 10am-3pm  and SHOW US HOW YOU FIREFLY...post away on Facebook, Twitter & IG.

And to those making the adventure possible:  Alexander RV in Smyrna, T-shirts by Trinity Tactical in Middletown and last but certainly not least...Sully's Vapor Shop in Dover and Camden - show your FF wristband for 15% off and DART wherever you are trying to go DART can get you there even from the Woodlands.

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