Shark Smuggled Out of Texas Aquarium in Baby Stroller

What the Hell

A two-foot horn shark has been found alive and well after three thieves smuggled it out of the San Antonio Aquarium in a baby stroller on Saturday. Aquarium owner Ammon Covino told BuzzFeed that one of the shark's captors confessed on Monday, but it's still unknown what motivated them to steal the fish. 

Surveillance footage showed the horn shark being yanked out of an open tank where visitors are encouraged to touch underwater sea creatures. It was then wrapped in a wet blanket and put in a stroller that had contained an actual baby, until a female suspect removed that baby and held it in her arms to make room for the shark. An aquarium manager later confronted the trio outside the facility, accusing them of taking something out of the tank and putting it in their stroller, but they just drove off. 

"We thought it was kind of a hoax being that it was Shark Week last week," Leon Valley Police Chief Joseph Salvaggio said about the caper. "But it turns out someone actually went inside the aquarium there in Leon Valley and stole a horn shark." The three suspects now face felony theft charges.

Source:  BuzzFeed

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