Hocus Pocus Drinking Game

Just in time for Halloween, you've got the chance to enjoy one of the best movies in a very different way! Pour up your favorite glass of Witches Brew, ladies and gents, it's time to play the Hocus Pocus drinking game! 

Here's the rules: 

Drink when:

  • Mary barks
  • Winnie Makes a face like she smelled something terrible
  • A spell is cast
  • Any of the witches say “children,” “bOOooOk,” or “yabos”
  • The black flame candle is referenced

Finish your drink when:

  • Max gets made fun of for being a virgin
  • The sisters are confused by something modern
  • They’re singing “I put a spell on you”

And take a shot when:

  • Sarah Sanderson says “amok amok amok amok”
  • You know the line before it’s said
  • Binx dies

Have fun and drink responsibly! 


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