Holiday Season Date Ideas!

Looking for a way to get into the spirit with your boo? Why not try some of the below ideas to get romantic this holiday season!

  • Decorate a Christmas tree. Picture it: your favorite Christmas music in the background, a cup of hot cocoa, and decorating the tree with someone you love!
  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights. There’s something so pure and beautiful about seeing the twinkling lights at night!
  • Build a gingerbread house. Not only is it a fun craft, but there’s no threat of overindulging because there is a zero percent chance you will want to take a bite out of your gingerbread masterpiece! 
  • Go ice-skating. Even if you're not the best on the ice, this is a nice way to have a few laughs and some nice pure fun during the holidays.
  • Go to the mall. This might be more of a test of patience than an actual date, but if you can survive the mall at Christmastime together, your relationship can survive anything!