PODCAST: Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

Podcast: Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

Pop Culture Weekly is a brand new, weekly podcast covering the latest in movies, tv, music, streaming, social media and everything in between. Hosted by Kyle McMahon and presented by 92.9 TOM-FM, an iHeart Radio station.

I'm a huge movie buff. I love good television. I absolutely can't live without music and I use social media more than Mark Zuckerberg. That's why I'm so excited to start a brand new podcast that encapsulates all of these loves. I'm so happy to present Pop Culture Weekly. Pop Culture Weekly is a weekly podcast covering all of the news, tidbits, gossip and reviews you could want on everything from binge watching the entire run of The Office to the latest insane YouTube video to what the critics are saying about the newest Marvel movie. We'll cover social media news, what's streaming where, what's coming out this week and we'll have some exclusive interviews with some of your favorite stars. Pop Culture Weekly is hosted by me, Kyle McMahon, and will feature a rotating guest host each week to represent all different pop culture lovers out there. And we want you to be a part of the show. You can interact with us through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram if you have some thoughts you'd like to share with the show. Our first episode was released last week and is a 2019 Grammy Nominations special episode! I really hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to hear what you think. You can take a listen below.

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Pop Culture Weekly is presented by 92.9 TOM-FM. An iHeart Radio station. 

Listen to Kyle McMahon every Saturday and Sunday 10a - 3p eastern on 92.9 TOM-FM or the iHeart Radio App and check out KyleMcMahon.me

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