Santa Is Coming! Track Santa Here!

Santa Is Coming! Track Santa here!

Do you believe it? Santa is coming! Track Santa here so you can follow the big man himself as he delivers presents all around the world for Christmas.

The Christmas season is upon us and Santa is coming! The air has turned cold and there's the feeling of miracles in the air. It's the season where anything can happen and magic is all around us. Yes, December 25th is upon us.

If you're just too excited to go to sleep on December 24th without seeing where Santa Claus is in the world, you can track Santa until you nod off on Christmas Eve with visions of sugar plumbs dancing in your head.

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, is a joint program between the United States and Canada which protects North America through vigorous monitoring and detection. Their other big job is to track Santa for all of us around the world.

Ready? Track Santa here at NORAD

While you're tracking Santa, listen to this Christmas Music Playlist on the iHeart Radio app.

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