Get Wendy's Frosty's For A Year for $2

Get Wendy's Frosty's For A Year for $2

Get Wendy's Frosty's for a year for $2 and help a child get his forever home!

If you love Wendy's frosty's as much as I do, you're going to want to know this information. You can get Wendy's frosty's for a year for $2 total. But you have to act fast because this deal ends December 31st at store closing.

Wendy's is currently selling a "Frosty Key Tag" for $2 in a campaign billed as "a year of Frosty and a lifetime of love". With your $2 donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, your Frosty Key Tag will give you a free Frosty Jr every single day for all of 2019. The proceeds go directly to the foundation to help find adoptive parents for children in foster care.

So literally, not only do you get free delicious frosty's all year, but you are helping a child find a forever home to call his (or her) own. Get the full lowdown on Wendy's Frosty's for a year for $2 right here.

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