St. Georges Bridge To Reopen This Week

St. Georges Bridge (Credit: EaglesFanInTampa via Creative Commons)

St. Georges Bridge, which has been closed since September 2018, is set to reopen by the end of this week.

St. Georges Bridge in St. Georges Delaware is set to reopen by the end of this week. The bridge, which crosses the C&D canal, was closed in September 2018 for repairs. The project included replacing steel beams that run beneath the bridge as well as resealing the joint strip seals on the floor of the bridge itself.

The Delaware Department of Transportation stated that approximately 10,000 vehicles cross the bridge each week. With the five month closure, that has meant those 10,000 vehicles are using the Roth Bridge instead. This adds more cars and more time to a commute.

With the recent opening of 301 and the St. Georges Bridge opening this week, this should - theoretically - mean a bit of a quicker and less congested commute in the mornings and evenings.

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