Worst Valentine's Gifts EVER!

I dare you to read some of these and not laugh. Buzzfeed posted an article of people sharing terrible Valentine's gifts they've gotten, and it's pure gold!

  • “I got a T-shirt with a picture of my boyfriend on it that had a poem on the back detailing how awesome and sweet he was.”
  • “I was about to move eight hours away for a life-saving lung transplant and was on oxygen 24/7. My boyfriend of four years bought me jeans because he was tired of me 'not caring about my appearance” and wanted me to dress nicer.'”
  • “My ex gave me a handful of seeds. He said he was allergic to flowers, so I could grow my own. They weren’t even in a bag or anything, he took them out of his pocket!”
  • “My ex made us dinner reservations at a nice steakhouse which he cancelled. To try to make up for it, he wrote me a note and SPELLED MY NAME WRONG. We had been together over a year.”
  • “ My ex got me frozen flowers he stole from a local cemetery.”
  • “My now ex picked me up in a limo, took me to the fanciest hotel in town, wined and dined me all V-day weekend. When he brought me back home via limo, he says to me, ‘Oh, your half of the cost is $450...can you write me a check?’”
  • “I got a 24-pack of instant oatmeal.”
  • “I didn't get anything because my ex boyfriend's birthday was on Valentine's day. He said that was his day.”