Pop Culture Weekly: Grammys 2019 Wrap-up & Fyre Festival Documentary

In episode #11 of Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle Mcmahon is joined by Benny Panella to discuss the 2019 GRAMMYs, the Fyre Festival documentary and much more!

In episode #11 of Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle McMahon is joined once again by iHeart Radio personality Benny Panella (@BennyOnTheRadio). They discuss the 2019 Grammys including that perplexing J Lo Motown tribute, the Fyre Festival documentary and so much more.

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03:39 The Insanity of Movie Trailer Voice Overs

05:19 Pop Culture Weekly Is Filmed In Front of a Live Studio Audience

06:16 Sitcom Kids Are Cute

07:18 The Grammys Was Fine

08:38 Michelle Obama at the Grammys

12:02 Award Show Speeches

12:41 God Cares About Your Award

16:00 Back In My Day Award Shows Were Entertaining

20:14 Janelle Monae's Performance Was Like What & OMG!

23:21 Dua Lipa Wins Best New Artist

25:37 The Best New Artist Curse

29:47 Pink's Grammy Record is 3 for 20

30:36 Best Rap Song Goes to Drake

31:35 What's Out This Week?

35:13 Alita: Battle Angel (& Those Eyes)

39:06 Rebel Wilson Is A Gem

40:42 What We Consumed This Week

41:47 Happy Death Day

42:53 World's Weirdest Houses Documentary

47:02 The Fyre Festival Documentary

Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

Episode: #010

2019 Grammys Wrap-up & Fyre Festival Documentary (with Benny Panella)

Running Time: 1 hour, 1 minute

February 15, 2019

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