$100,000 Powerball Ticket Sold in Delaware

A $100,000 Powerball ticket was sold in Delaware and picked in Saturdays Powerball drawing. The winner has yet to claim their prize.

Saturday night at 10:59pm was a very lucky moment for someone who purchased a Powerball ticket in Delaware. They won $100,000! They have not yet claimed their prize (and what the heck are they waiting for?). Delaware Lottery rules state that winners have 1 year from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.

The winning numbers were: 04, 06, 14, 20, 32 with Powerball 13

Delaware Online is reporting that there are 4 unclaimed Delaware Lottery prizes. They are:

Mega Millions, $10,000 prize sold October 26, 2018 at New Castle Spirits in New Castle, Delaware.

Mega Millions, $10,000 ticket sold December 18, 2018 at Sunoco A-Plus in Elsmere Delaware.

Powerball, $50,000 ticket sold December 26, 2018 at Royal Farms in Laurel, Delaware.

Powerball, $50,000 ticket sold February 16, 2019 at Laurel Travel Oasis in Laurel, Delaware.

If your prize is under $600 you can go to the place you purchased your ticket to collect your winnings. Any prizes $600 or over you must go to the Delaware Lottery Office in Dover to collect.

If you purchased a Powerball ticket in Delaware for this past Saturdays drawing and you have those lucky numbers, feel free to hit me up for telling you about it ;)

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