IKEA selling a Chocolate Bunny You Put Together Yourself

If you’ve ever bought a bookcase or cabinet at Ikea and after hours of struggling to assemble it in your living room, you vowed to never buy anything that you have to put together from that store again, we feel you.

Pretty much all Ikea shoppers have been there, too. But the Swedish home retailer is now selling something that may make you rethink your feelings about their DIY products: a chocolate bunny. Thehas arrived just in time for Easter and comes in three pieces you have to put together yourself.

It’s very Ikea and like a lot of their products, it requires no tools, but when you finish building it, you can eat it. The Bunny is three-ounces, contains a minimum of 30% cocoa and it’s UTZ certified, which means sustainable farming standards and safe conditions for workers. Ikea wants us to spend the $4.29 and then “Go ahead, play with your food!” Plus, it’s got to be the easiest thing we've ever assembled from there.


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