Pop Culture Weekly: O-Town Jacob Underwood Interview + Christa Cooper

In episode #13 of Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle McMahon interviews O-Town's Jacob Underwood about their new single with The Bachelor's Colton Underwood, Hello World! They also talk about their fans, life on the road, and how O-Town was the blueprint for reality / competition music shows. Additionally, iHeart Radio / 94.7 WDSD's Christa Cooper joins Kyle to discuss The Bachelor, Leaving Neverland, A Million Little Things, This Is Us and if reboots and revivals for TV shows and movies are a good thing.

Check out Hello World by O-Town + Colton Underwood. O-Town is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & their own site.

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00:40 iHeart Radio / 94.7 WDSD's Christa Cooper

02:04 Captain Marvel comes out this week!

04:30 O-Town featuring Colton Underwood "Hello World" single comes out

05:45 Greta makes Kyle never want to befriend an elderly person

08:06 Leaving Neverland, the Michael Jackson sexual abuse documentary

11:44 Christa Cooper talks A Million Little Things

13:22 Some guys hide watching This Is Us

15:32 American Idol contestant Margie Mays from Delaware

18:45 Colton jumped over a fence on The Bachelor

21:47 Colton is down to 3 girls on The Bachelor

31:34 Danielle Staub & Pete Davidson may need therapy for all of their relationships

35:13 Rest In Peace, Luke Perry

37:45 Christa & Kyle have never seen Game of Thrones!

38:50 Christa has never seen or read the Twilight series

40:55 Are Reboots & Revivals for TV & Movies A Good Thing?

41:47 Kyle is obsessed with The X-Files

44:44 Full House & Fuller House

46:10 Roseanne and The Conners

47:59 Saved By The Bell should get a reboot (or a revival)

48:44 Twilight Zone is coming to CBS All Access

49:28 Will & Grace revival is hysterical!

52:43 The Disney Live Action remakes of their classic animated films!

54:50 Aladdin & Will Smith as Genie

56:06 A Third reboot of Charlie's Angels is coming

56:10 Spider-Man has been rebooted 3 times in 15 years!

56:54 Daniel Radcliffe says Harry Potter will probably be rebooted :(

57:43 Kyle does an annual trek to Hogwarts

59:39 The Sandlot is coming to a streaming service as a TV series!

01:02:00 INTERVIEW: Jacob Underwood of O-Town

01:18:59 Jacob talks the new O-Town single with Colton Underwood, Hello World

Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

Episode: #013

Interview: Jacob Underwood of O-Town + Reboots & Revivals with Christa Cooper

Running Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes

March 7, 2019

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