O-Town's Jacob Explains How They Teamed with The Bachelor For New Song

Jacob Underwood of O-Town explains to Kyle McMahon how they met The Bachelor's Colton Underwood and what led them to their new charity single, Hello World.

For my latest episode of Pop Culture Weekly, I interviewed Jacob Underwood from O-Town on their career as trailblazers in music reality competition shows, their dedicated fanbase and their new single, Hello World.

Hello World features Colton Underwood of this season of The Bachelor. I was curious how this collaboration came about, so Jacob gave me the rundown.

Isn't that incredible? All of the proceeds of Hello World go to the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation helping kids with cystic fibrosis.

You can listen to the whole interview right here - I promise you'll love it - Jacob is such a great guy and O-Town is such a fun group! And check out their new single with Colton Underwood, Hello World!

O-Town is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & their own site.

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