Study: Hot Coffee Is Better For You Than Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is very trendy right now, but according to recent research, it’s not as good for us as an old school cup of hot coffee. And with the weather warming up outside, here’s what you should know before you switch over to icy, refreshing cold brew.

In a recentstudyfrom Jefferson University, researchers found that hot coffee has higher levels of antioxidants, which could be responsible for some of the buzzy brew’s health benefits, including reducing inflammation and helping to fight diseases. While analyzing the chemical differences between hot and cold brew light roast coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar, Mexico, and Ethiopia, they found that the pH levels were more or less the same, but the hot coffee had higher concentrations of something called de-protonated acids. And that may be the reason it has more antioxidants than cold brew.

Basically, because cold brew has fewer antioxidants, those who drink it may not get all the protective properties linked to hot coffee. So if you’re choosing which kind of caffeine fix you want based only on which one is healthiest for you, a hot cup of light roast coffee is the way to go.