Americans Putting Off 14+ Items On Their To-Do List

Most folks lead pretty hectic lives these days, leaving them little time to get things done. So, just how bad can things get? Well, according to a new poll, the average American is so busy they have 14 things on their to-do list that they just keep putting off, while 21% say they actually have more than 20 items they aren’t doing. 

The survey by H&R Block finds that 60% of Americans are currently putting off basic tasks like cleaning, making a stop at the bank, or even doing their taxes. And it’s perfectly understandable when the results of the study show most Americans really only have four hours and 26 minutes of free time a week. If that isn’t bad enough, 40% of folks say they have even less than that.

So, what are some of the biggest things people are putting off? Well, for 37% of people it’s doing odd jobs around the house, and another 36% say it’s going for their medical checkup.Other tasks being put off include:

  • Sorting out cabinets/spring cleaning (34%)
  • Paying bills (33%)
  • Sorting paperwork (32%)
  • Taking unwanted items to the store or selling them online (30%)
  • Fixing or mending items/clothing (30%)
  • Going for a haircut (30%)
  • Catching up with friends (29%)
  • Budget planning/reviewing your finances (29%)

Source:SWNS Digital

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