Odd Hangover Cures People Swear By

We all know that the only way to totally avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol, but that doesn’t actually stop people from overdoing it with the booze. And when they wake up in the morning with a pounding head, nausea, and generally lousy feeling that is a hangover, lots of people reach for their go-to hangover cure. Here are some of the remedies the BuzzFeed Community swears by.

  • A can of tomato soup and a grilled cheese … in the shower
  • A large Sprite or Diet Coke, specifically from McDonald's
  • Shots of just pickle juice
  • Pizza Hut pan pizza, specifically from a Pizza Hut express
  • Sunglasses, curtains closed, a McDonald's hash brown, and Pedialyte
  • Vienna sausages and Funyuns
  • Breakfast burrito with a large horchata
  • A hot shower with cold bursts, ginger ale, and a couple McDonald's hamburgers
  • A 1.5 times dose of Ibuprofen, Gatorade, a walk outside, and a chicken parm with extra cheese … in that order
  • A bowl of pho and a bottle of Pedialyte
  • One Bloody Mary with a small beer chaser
  • Seltzer water and a bag of Doritos
  • Berry Pedialyte and frozen waffles
  • Within the first hour of waking up, drink a Vitamin Water and three bottles of water, eat some eggs and bacon, and take some Aspirin
  • Alkaline water and a Morning Recovery drink an hour after you stop drinking
  • A piece of toast with absolutely nothing on it … eaten really slowly