Women Share the Worst Date They've Been On!

Most people will endure a lot of bad dates on their search to find “The One,” and sometimes those dates are more than just bad. Well, now folks are spilling the beans on some of the worst ones they’ve been on.

It all started when a Twitter user posed the question, “What was your worst date - and what made it so terrible?,” and then shared her own, noting, “My worst date was the guy who talked about himself for 45 minutes straight and didn't ask me a question. I had a panic attack and ran out of the bar.”

Well, that prompted plenty of people to chime in with their worst dates and many of them are downright sad, and a little funny.

Worst date stories include:

  • “My date got so drunk he spilled beer on me and kept falling asleep at the bar,” one person shared. “I paid and left while he was in the bathroom. As I was getting into my cab he came running out to stop me and just as I closed the door he projectile vomited all over the cab window.”
  • “The one where the guy described a ‘recent religious epiphany’ in which he tried to drown his girlfriend and then tried to insist it wasn't safe for me to walk home alone.”
  • “I once went out with a lawyer who placed a plate of steak tartare on the floor of the Waverly Inn and ate it on all fours ‘as a joke.’”
  • “One date was indecisive and told me to pick. I asked if a place well-known for hot dogs would be fine and he agreed. When we got there he started sobbing because he doesn't like hot dogs, but didn't want to disagree with me. After an extremely awkward dinner, I pointed out they have more things than hot dogs and he insisted we eat there. He kissed me with his mouth so open it covered my nose and chin.”
  • “She opened the date by saying A) that she was super high and B) that she was not 24 like her profile had said but in fact 19. Then she went on to talk about how she hated her purse because her dead grandma gave it to her.”
  • “Once on a date that was already going terribly, the restaurant where we were literally caught on fire. We evacuated, then just silently walked in different directions.”
  • “Not the worst, maybe, but perplexing: dude invited me to dinner, picked a restaurant that serves dinner. Was genuinely surprised when I wanted to eat food.”

Source:Daily Mail

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