Croissant Corsages Are Happening For Prom This Year

It’s prom season once again and this year, teens who really want to impress their dates can ditch the traditional flower corsage for something totally different: a croissant corsage.

The edible baked goods accessory is being created by Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, home of the popular honey butter croissant, and Dallas-based florist Petals and Stems. The idea was inspired by a text exchange that went viral back in 2017, when a high schooler mistakenly asked his prom date if she wanted a croissant instead of a corsage. The autocorrect mishap apparently made a big impact and teens wore the pastry to prom.

This year’s Croissant Corsage offer is limited to the Dallas area and for $20, you get the snack, surrounded by baby’s breath and your choice of rose color. Plus, the restaurant is giving away a $10 Cheddar’s gift card with it, so it’s not a bad deal. Wearing a croissant corsage may not make prom “butter than ever” but it’ll make a great story.


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