Where To Go For Free Comic Book Day (May 4th)

Saturday May 4th is Free Comic Book Day around the country! Grab a bag and plan your day with our guide on where to go for Free Comic Book Day in Delaware!

It's the first Saturday of May, which means it's Free Comic Book Day! Every year comic book stores around the country open their doors to guests who can come in and pick up over 50 different comic books for free! Want to know where to go for Free Comic Book Day? I've got you covered.

Here is where to go for Free Comic Book Day in Delaware:


Comicmania - 4381 Kirkwood Highway, 302-995-1971

The Comic Book Shop! - 1855 Marsh Road, 302-477-1119

Between Books 2.0 - 3203 Philadelphia Pike, 302-798-3111


2nd And Charles - 101 Geoffrey Drive, 302-737-4306

Captain Blue Hen Comics & Entertainment - 280 East Main Street, 302-737-3434


Born to Game - 821 N Broad St, 302-376-5750


Born To Game - 547 Red Haven Ln, 302-387-1129

Bethany Beach:

Comics & Gaming Bethany Beach - 101 Garfield Parkway, 302-616-2370

Many comic book shops will be having special events, sales and even appearances by comic book creators! It's a great day to go out with an awesome community of people who love great art and great stories. Comic Book lovers are one of the most inclusive, creative groups I've ever met and you are guaranteed to make a new friend.

I wrote a whole piece on how The X-Files and Free Comic Book Day brought out my inner nerd. Now, I'm embracing it! No matter if you're wanting to jump into comics (or back in) or you want to nudge your children into them, Free Comic Book Day is an amazing way to do either!

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