Weird Food Combos People Love

There’s no doubt that certain foods go better together than others, like say peanut butter and jelly, or French fries and ketchup. But it turns out there are plenty of people out there who enjoy some wackier food combinations and now they’re telling all.

It all started when someone on Reddit asked, “What is your favorite 'I know it sounds weird, but just trust me' food combination?” Well, apparently plenty of people felt the need to finally fess up to their odd combos, and some of them may just gross you out, while others may make you a bit curious. 

Wacky food combinations include:

  • "Quesadillas with marinara sauce.'"
  • "Black coffee with a tiny pad of butter, a little bit of sugar, and a pinch of garlic powder. Weird, yes, but it tastes like a meal and curbs my appetite, so it's perfect when I'm in a rush or can't handle food."
  • "I love putting maple syrup IN my scrambled eggs."
  • "Pizza rolls done? Dip them in some French onion dip for some next level enjoyment."
  • "Strawberry jam and mozzarella cheese on whole grain bread."
  • "Put peanuts IN your Coca-Cola!"
  • "Peanut butter and BBQ chips sandwiches!"
  • Not me, but my grandma LOVED mayonnaise, peanut butter, tomato, and cucumber on her sandwiches."
  • A family favorite is 'chopped olive sandwiches.' Chopped black olives mixed with mayo, then spread on to white bread. It HAS to be white bread, just trust me."

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