Small things that can cause a breakup!

We all know that lying and cheating can damage an otherwise healthy relationship, but there are all kinds of little issues that couples encounter that can make things start to unravel, too. Sometimes small, insignificant situations like these take their toll and can even lead to a breakup.

  • Not taking out the trash- Sure, it seems like a small thing on the surface, but if one partner feels like they ALWAYS have to be the responsible one, it becomes more about feeling ignored or resentful than the chore itself.
  • The thermostat- When one person is always hot and the other is always cold, there’s bound to be a fight over the temperature of your home. Someone has to compromise or you’re left with anger and resentment, which isn’t so great for your love life.
  • Not responding to texts- Not everyone prioritizes texts the same way. Some get really upset if their partner doesn’t respond to a text in a timely manner and it makes them jump to conclusions and fear the worst, so getting on the same page as a couple about texting can help avoid all that.
  • Vacations- They’re supposed to be fun, relaxing, and exciting, but when couples go into a getaway with different expectations, they can be a huge letdown and ignite arguments that could spiral.
  • Multitasking- It might not seem like sending a couple texts while your partner is talking at dinner is a big deal, but if they see it as a lack of attention, multitasking can be an issue.
  • Cuddling less often- When you’ve been together for a long time, the romantic connection may feel like it’s lost its spark, so you have to work at keeping the romance alive so everyone’s happy.
  • Forgetting to compliment each other- Taking each other for granted can definitely lead to a break up.
  • Social media- It shouldn’t have the power to ruin a relationship, but some people put so much time and energy into social media or get caught up in the comparisons and jealousy, therapists say it’s more common than we think.