The Secret to Love? Chocolate!

It’s hard for most of us to imagine being married for close to 80 years, but Curtis and Virginia Peters have just celebrated their 79th anniversary and are still going strong. The couple was married way back in 1940 and now that he’s 100 and she’s 103 and they’ve had so many years of wedded bliss, people want to know what their secret is. And it turns out, for these lovebirds, it’s all about chocolate, but it has to be Hershey’s.

According to their daughter, Susan Peters Cathoir, her parents have been sharing their love of Hershey’s chocolate for as long as she can remember. They kept Kisses in candy jars around the house and Curtis and Virginia shared the classic candy bars almost every day. It was a family staple and Susan says her mom and dad just “love the Hershey’s.”

Now that the happy couple is living in a nursing home, their kids bring Hershey’s bars when they visit and the nurses help make sure Curtis and Virginia still get a nibble of their beloved treat. "Hershey's chocolate just keeps him alive, and he keeps her alive," their daughter says. Hershey’s heard about the Peters and how much they love this candy and they’re sending a “very special anniversary gift” full of favorites to the couple.


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