Fresh Flowers Can Ease Pain!

Sending flowers to a friend who’s sick or sad may be your go-to pick-me-up present, but it turns out, that sweet gesture is doing more good than you think. Not only do the fresh blooms give them something pretty to look at, a new study finds the flowers can actually have a positive effect on health, too.

The American Society for Horticulture Science did research to find out if plants have therapeutic benefits for surgical patients and the results are impressive. The study of 90 patients found those who had flowers in their rooms had lower blood pressure and heart rate, less pain, anxiety, and fatigue, as well as more positive feelings and being more satisfied with their rooms than the folks without any greenery.

Study authors suggest that flowers should become “complementary medicine” to help recovering patients. A previous study found that fresh flowers can make us feel less stressed out, so we should treat our loved ones - and ourselves - to a bouquet.


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