Weird News: Iowa Couple's Crazy Night!

MAY 31--An Iowa couple left their young children home alone early today while they were having sex in the middle of a bike trail, according to police.

Rebekah Mecca, 31, and Daniel Walshire, 32, were arrested around 1 AM when a patrolman discovered them lying on the ground in a park in North Liberty, an Iowa City suburb.

Specificially,an arrest affidavit notes, Walshire’s pants were at his ankles while Mecca “was on top of him, completely nude.” The duo were both intoxicated, cops says.

The pair told police that they had left their children alone at Mecca’s North Liberty home. Walshire’s son is three, while Mecca’s daughter is nine, a patrolman reported. “Both these children can not clearly fend for themselves,” Officer Alec Fjelstul noted.

Seen above, Mecca and Walshire werearrested for child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor, and public intoxication. Walshire, whose blood alcohol content was more than two times the legal limit, reportedly told cops that he had consumed “several glasses of boxed wine.”


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