Movie Theaters Stepping Up Game Because of Netflix

Thanks to Netflix getting folks to actually come to the theaters has become harder and harder, and some movie theaters are fighting back. A tub of popcorn isn’t the draw it once was, so now many theaters are uping their game hoping to entice folks to get off their couch and come to the theater once again.

Several theaters chains, like the Alamo Drafthouse which has 37 locations in 10 states, offer gourmet food and beverage options that can be delivered right to seats. And they’re not the only ones, several new chains are buying out old theaters and turning them into a gourmet experience, offering food options like from truffle popcorn, steak tartare and high-end booze, and even champagne.

And it’s not just the food being offered. People want to be comfortable, with many of these theaters offering comfy seats that can be reserved in advance. One chain, iPic even offers blankets and pillows, as well as dual seating pods, which recline all the way back and could be perfect for date night. 

Of course these experiences don’t come cheap, with some VIP packages going or $30 a ticket, although prices do vary, and many come with food perks. 

Source:Fast Company

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