New Crossover: Ed Sheeran + Ketchup?

There are ketchup fans and then there’sEd Sheeran.The singer loves Heinz ketchup so much, he’s got a tattoo of the label on his arm and even reached out to the brand on Instagram a few months back to see if they wanted to collaborate on an ad and signed it, “Lots of love, your biggest fan.” Then last month he reveale that a collab was actually “happening” and now we know what’s going on.

Sheeran and Heinz have created “EdChup,” which is described as the “perfect” bottle of ketchup. He made the announcemen ton Instagram with a photo of himself kissing the bottle.

But to be clear, EdChup is just regular, standard Heinz ketchup, it just comes with the cool label. You can buy it online now at, where a 32-ounce bottle sells for $5, plus tax and $2.50 shipping, and you’re limited to five bottles. That should be plenty, unless you love your ketchup as much as Sheeran does.


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