Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service To Launch

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription to launch from Regal Cinemas

Photo from Reddit user AtlChris from the Regal Unlimited subreddit.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription to launch from Regal Cinemas July 15th.

Regal Cinemas is finally ready to unveil their long awaited movie subscription service, set to be called Regal Unlimited. The 2nd largest movie theater chain has been coy in their answers to customers and the media since people began asking about a movie subscription service when MoviePass took off in 2018. (Note: Don't use MoviePass). Regal has continuously replied that they don't have any information to release regarding a subscription based program at this time.

Now, multiple sources have told me that not only is a Regal movie subscription service coming but it's coming very soon. The service is to be called Regal Unlimited and is set to have three tiers for subscribers to choose from, all under $25. The three tiers are (for now) called Unlimited All Access, Unlimited Plus & Unlimited.

As of now, Unlimited All Access will be the $24.99 plan and will get you multiple movies per month in any format (including Regal premium format movies IMAX, 4DX, RPX & ScreenX) from the day of release. The Unlimited Plus plan will be the middle tier and will allow you to see multiple standard format movies a month, from the day of release with an upcharge if you want to see a premium format movie. Finally, the Unlimited plan will be the least expensive option and will allow you to see multiple movies per month beginning two weeks after a movie is released, with an upcharge if you want to see it before that. As always, this is subject to change.

Incidentally, there's been a bug in the Regal Cinemas app today that has the rewards card "skin" change to the Regal Unlimited one seen above in the hero photo. Additionally, the internal testing on kiosks accidentally made its way to the public yesterday and revealed the three tiers as seen from the below photo in the Regal Unlimited subreddit. Just as soon as it appeared, it disappeared from the kiosks today. Clearly, these things aren't meant for the public see just yet.

Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription To Launch - showing on Kiosks

Photo from Reddit user Lost_In_Nebraska402 from AMCs A-List subreddit.

As of now, Regal is going to launch Regal Unlimited on July 15th. With AMC's extremely popular A-List subscription service giving 3 movies per week in any format for about $22, it was only a matter of time before Regal followed suit. Cinemark offers a service aimed at the casual moviegoer with their Cinemark Movie Club for $8.99 per month, which gives subscribers one movie ticket, 20% off concessions and any additional movie tickets at $8.99 each.

These programs came after the white hot success of MoviePass before it infamously burned out, leaving millions of paying customers unable to see a movie for months, and finally shedding the vast majority of its subscriber base. Rival company Sinemia announced just months ago that they were ceasing operations in the United States effective that day. But it was already too late as millions of customers were now accustomed to paying a flat fee per month for a certain amount of movies. Finally, Regal is throwing their hat in the ring too.

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