Weird News: Vandals with a Sweet Tooth

A reported break-in at the Skowhegan Lions Club booth at the town’s fairgrounds left the group disheartened by a mess that had been left Sunday morning in exchange for several boxes of missing whoopie pies.

John Youney, a director of the club, said the break-in is believed to have happened overnight Saturday and resulted in about $1,000 of damage or stolen goods.

“We’re a volunteer organization,” Youney said. “We raise money for the public and spend it back on the public. It’s just kind of frustrating to find out someone has just willy nilly trashed your place.”

He said the group hosted a fundraiser for about 1,200 people Thursday, and the booth was left in spotless condition when he went in to check inventory Friday.

On Sunday, however, the group discovered a freezer of frozen whoopie pies had been broken into and 10 boxes, or about 120 pies, had been stolen.

A refrigerator of cookies was also emptied and a gallon of iced tea was half-drunk.

Packages of plastic silverware and plastic gloves were thrown all over the floor.

Youney said the door to the booth was locked when the break-in happened.

“Whoever did this, we can teach them what service is if they come forward and confess,” he said. “They can work off their crime working with us to help those in need. Then they’ll realize why we do what we do and that all the stuff here is to assist those who have a greater need than we do.”

Skowhegan Police Officer Tim Williams said he could not comment on the investigation. Police Chief David Bucknam could not be reached for comment Sunday.


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