Weird News: Wednesday June 12th

An intoxicated, meth-carrying truck driver with an outstanding warrant was arrested in southern California after his crudely made license caught the attention of a motorcycle cop.

On Monday, the Ventura County Police Department posted a photo of the phony plate that landed the unidentified motorist in jail on their social media accounts. The artist behind the cartoonish vehicle tag didn’t even bother writing out the entire name of the state from which the plate was supposedly issued. The top of the plate simply reads “Califas."


Police arrested a naked Florida Man who began dancing strangely at a McDonald’s in Naples.

Deputies responded to the incident where the man began taking off his clothes and dancing. According to witnesses, he appeared as if he were trying to have relations with a railing.

63-year old John Morgan was arrested and charged with trespassing on property other than structure. Deputies have had contact with Morgan before, from previous trespassing incidents at the same location.


AFloridaman’s order was up afterdeputiesdiscovered a bag ofmethinside a styrofoam container of “hot, fresh potato wedges,” authorities said.

James Simpson, 48, was arrested Saturday afternoon after police conducted a traffic stop, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said.


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