Best Friends Are Good For Your Health!

We know that spending quality time with our BFFs gives our souls a good recharge and now science says it’s good for our health, too. Research from the University of Oxford finds that hanging out with your friends is good for both mental and physical health and they even suggest we should do it twice a week to get the biggest boost.

Scientists say people with larger groups of friends are less likely to suffer from illnesses, recover faster from surgery, and are just less likely to die, in general. As for why two hangouts a week is most beneficial, professor of evolutionary psychology Dr. Robin Dunbar says that their findings show this is the amount of time we typically spend with our closest friends and family.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to spend another night out with your besties, this is it! It doesn’t matter what you guys do, so long as you’re with people you love. According to Dunbar, “the key to maintaining strong friendships is to meet up twice a week.”


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