Study Reveals Popularity of the Dad Bod

Men out there, it looks like you don’t have to worry about hitting the gym to get a six-pack. Last year a Planet Fitness survey found that women were totally into dad bods, and it turns out things haven’t changed in the past year. 

Overall, the new Planet Fitness survey finds 23-million men self-identify as having a dad bod. What’s more, most men are okay with their dad bod,

  • 71% of guys saying they are more universally accepted, and 79% saying they are proud of their dad bod.
  • Not only that, 72% of men say having a dad bod has improved their lives, with 47% saying it’s because they are less concerned about their appearance and another 48% saying it’s because they are more accepting of themselves.
  • Plus, 78% of both men and women a “dad bod” shows a man is confident in their own skin.

And it doesn’t hurt that women seem to be into them. According to the poll, women find men with dad bods more attractive (65%) and sexy (61%). Plus, 51% of women considera “dad bod” the new six-pack.

Source:Yahoo Finance

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