Firefly Music Festival Artist Spotlight: Panic! At The Disco

Our Firefly Music Festival 2019 Artist Spotlight series highlights some of the incredible performers on the lineup for this years hottest music festival!

WHO: Panic! At The Disco

GENRE: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

BIOGRAPHY: After 15+ years of making music, Brendan Urie can definitely tell Ma he made it! Panic! At The Disco started off in 2004 when a group of childhood friends from Las Vegas decided to form a rock band. With a very limited budget from their label Fueled By Ramen, they released their first album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, in 2005. Famous for it's songs with lengthy titles, inclusion of obscure instruments such as the accordion, and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, this album sold nearly 10,000 copies in it's first week. Three years later, their second album entitled Pretty. Odd. was released, and sounded completely different than their first. This album, which is said to have heavy inspiration from the Beatles, found great success as well, but shortly after it's release the band split up due to creative differences. Since then, Panic! At The Disco's only remaining member, Brendan Urie, has released four more albums under the band's name. Urie has experimented with different styles of music, and has even made a Broadway appearance, performing in Kinky Boots. What's next for Panic!? No one can ever be too sure, but true Brendan Urie fans know that whatever he does, it will be entertaining.

What do we hope they'll play at Firefly?

Panic! At The Disco takes the main Firefly Stage Friday, June 21st, at 11PM. For more Firefly updates, stick right here with 92.9 TOM-FM, and make sure to follow us on Facebook!