A Shock Collar Has Been Created for Humans

We all have bad habits that we would love to break. I'm not sure shocking ourselves into changing is something that will work. This is super weird.

Similar to a shock collar for your disobedient pup, the new Pavlok bracelet will give the person wearing it a 350-volt jolt every time they cross a line. So if you're looking to quit smoking or reduce calorie intake, the engineers at Behavioral Technology have come up with a bracelet that will hopefully train you to kick the habit.

The bossy bracelet runs about $200 on Amazon and promises to deliver a zap on your command. delivers a zap at your command. The idea is that if you punish yourself enough, you’ll feel your urges subside “within 3-5 days,” according to the manufacturer. Though the device can be programmed to shock automatically for some of your bad behaviors, such as sleeping in, those who can’t be trusted to discipline themselves can recruit a friend or family member. They can pitch in by downloading the Pavlok app and send a shock on your behalf.

The creators say their product helps train your “reptile brain” into associating the unpleasant sensation with your preferred vice.

Source: ABC NEWS

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