Things You Do That Hairdressers Hate

Finding the right hair salon and stylist is an accomplishment, but once you do, you still can’t just show up, sit down in the chair and assume everything else is up to your hairdresser. Being a good client comes with some responsibilities and you want to be a good client, because remember how hard it was to find this stylist in the first place? Some things clients do are really annoying to hairdressers and stylists and they say these are some of the worst things salon customers do.

  • They have gross or crusty scalps- Messy hair is fine, but some clients come in with “gross” hair that hasn’t been washed or they have “crusty scalps.”
  • They cut their own hair between appointments- If you’re not a hair professional, put down the scissors.
  • They have unrealistic expectations- Some clients don’t realize that coming in with extremely dark hair and expecting it to be platinum or some pastel shade by the time they leave that day just isn’t possible. Others don’t realize that our hair changes as we age and it’s never going to look the same as it did when you were 24 if you’re 54 now. Salon manager Gavin Hoare says it best: “We’re hairdressers, not plastic surgeons.”
  • They move their head too much- Constantly moving your head makes the haircut take twice as long.
  • They have no idea what they want- Don’t come in and tell your stylist, “I just need something new.” Do your research, have an idea in mind, know your priorities and communicate it all to your hairdresser.
  • They make vague requests- Don’t just say you want your color to look like Jennifer Aniston’s, her hair has been many shades. Your idea of blonde may be gold to someone else, so using pictures is better than trying to describe it.