Box Office Recap

“Toy Story 4” is still on top at the box office. Newbies “Annabelle Comes Home” and “Yesterday” had great debuts, but couldn’t beat “Toy Story 4’s” second weekend earnings of over $57-million.

The Disney and Pixar movie is already the fourth-highest grossing movie of the year after just two weekends in theaters. That’s behind “Avengers: Endgame” ($841-million), “Captain Marvel” ($428-million), and “Aladdin” ($306-million).

“Annabelle Comes Home” had the best showing of the newcomers, debuting in the second spot. The horror sequel earned $20-million over the weekend, and $10-million more than that thanks to its head start on Wednesday. “Yesterday” is in the third spot, opening with $17-million and earning an A- on CinemaScore.

Here’s this weekend’s top 10 movies:

  1. “Toy Story 4” – $57.9-million
  2. “Annabelle Comes Home” – $20.3-million
  3. “Yesterday” – $17-million
  4. “Aladdin” – $9.3-million
  5. “The Secret Life of Pets 2” – $7.1-million
  6. “Men In Black International” – $6.5-million
  7. “Avengers: Endgame” – $5.5-million
  8. “Child’s Play” – $4.3-million
  9. “Rocketman” – $3.8-million
  10. “John Wick 3” – $3.2-million


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