Weird News: Thursday July 11th


A group of students at an Oregon college might have broken a Guinness World Record with the creation of a giant piece of chalk that stands more than 6 feet tall.

The Reed College students said official Guinness surveyors measured the giant piece of chalk at just over 6 feet tall and 24 inches wide, and they are waiting to hear whether it officially defeated the previous record holder, a piece of chalk made by Pittsburgh high schoolers in 2010 at 5 feet, 11 inches tall and 23 inches wide.


The commander of the Swiss air force’s aerial display team has apologized after his unit performed a low-altitude pass over the wrong municipality.

Residents of Langenbruck looked up in vain Saturday while expecting to see Switzerland’s Patrouille Suisse squadron swoop by to mark the centenary of the death of local aviation pioneer Oskar Bider.

The team flew over nearby Muemliswil instead.

Switzerland’s Defense Ministry said Monday that the formation hadn’t practiced the maneuver and got distracted by an unauthorized helicopter in the area. The ministry says the team leader spotted what he thought was a tent for the Langenbruck celebration that turned out to be for a yodeling festival in Muemliswil.


Timothy Smith and his fiancée thought it was odd when they pulled up to their Gresham home with relatives Sunday afternoon and spotted a MacBook Pro, a bottle of cider and knives atop their car.

They brought the items inside, thinking maybe they were misplaced by one of their friends or new neighbors. The couple had closed on the house about two weeks earlier and hosted a party on Saturday to celebrate their upcoming October wedding. They planned to finish moving in all of their belongings later Sunday



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