Guy Matches With His Wife on Tinder

While most people on dating apps look forward to the day when they find a partner and can delete them for good, one married guy missed the thrill of Tinder and was shocked when he recently matched … with his wife. In a post onReddit, the husband explains that he met his wife on Tinder three years earlier and that while she was away on a business trip, he redownloaded the app on a “particularly lonely night” but it was “just for fun.”

It was all fine until he found a familiar face: his wife. Turns out, she had been looking for some fun as well and even had a current photo, with her hubby’s face cut out. He says he read her profile and it was actually her, so he “decided to make a bold move and swipe right.” He swiped, they matched and now he’s not sure what to do.

He explains that he wants to confront her when she gets home from her business trip, but that means he’ll have to explain why he was on the dating app, too. He asked Redditors for advice and many of them were totally suspicious of his claim to only be on Tinder for funzies, especially since his wife was out of town.

But others didn’t really see the problem since he found his perfect - cheating - match. “Maybe he can cheat on his wife with his wife,” one user commented. And another told him, “You guys seem like a good match.” Later in the thread, the man admits that he had “no good excuse” and “shouldn’t have been on Tinder.”

Source:The Stir

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