What We Missed: Thursday August 1st

Yard barker released a ranking of the top 40 action stars of all time.....my man Chuck Norris is a little low!

source: https://www.yardbarker.com/entertainment/articles/the_40_greatest_action_stars_of_all_time/s1__29640071#slide_1

If moving is never easy, then moving while you are pregnant has got to be a grueling experience.

But could it actually harm your baby? Yes, a new investigation warns.

source: https://www.upi.com/Health_News/2019/07/31/Moving-during-early-pregnancy-linked-to-increased-risks/4221564578356/

Before he played for the Detroit Pistons and then went on to be a successful WNBA coach, Bill Laimbeer spent a season playing a Sleestak on the hit television show “Land of the Lost.”

He played one of the nearly 7-foot tall reptilian creatures in the first season of the show in 1974. The green villains are still some of the most popular characters from the cult classic that lasted three years.

“We had to wear wet suits and full masks and everything,” Laimbeer said. “We were supposed to be their enemies and we mainly just hissed on the show. It was a lot of fun.”

source: https://apnews.com/983a70a349f3460cb3a7a03ca4ed96bc

They go by many names. “Crispy tacos,” “Anglo tacos,” and even “mom tacos,” but no matter what you call them, the tacos with the crunchy corn shell offer a unique—somewhat frustrating—home dining experience. Yes, I am talking about the dreaded shell split.

source: https://skillet.lifehacker.com/melt-cheese-in-crunchy-taco-shells-to-keep-them-from-sp-1836828069

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