Regal Cinemas Releases Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service

Regal Cinemas Releases Regal Unlimited Movie Subscription Service starting at $18 per month.

You know I broke the Regal Unlimited story back in June. Well guess what guys? It's finally here!

After the epic failure of MoviePass, which allegedly scammed millions of subscribers and investors, and the sad shutdown of Sinemia, the movie going public that had been accustomed to a subscription based service had few options. Cinemark started an $8.99 per month service good for one movie ticket per month + 20% off of concessions. AMC started a very attractive movie subscription service called A List offering 3 movies per week and 10% off of concessions for about $22 per month. But nobody offered truly a truly unlimited movie subscription program. Enter: Regal Unlimited.

What Is Regal Unlimited?

Regal Unlimited is the new movie subscription program by Regal Entertainment Group / Regal Cinemas. With nearly 600 theaters across the country, Regal’s movie subscription program offering is thus far, the only truly unlimited movie subscription plan in the United States.

What Are The Regal Unlimited Details

Regal Unlimited allows you to see an unlimited amount of movies per month. That means, if you want to see a movie every single day, you can! In fact, if you want to see Spider-Man: Far From Home 5 times in a row on Saturday, you can! It’s all covered under the Regal Unlimited plan.

Not only that, but you still accumulate your Regal Crown Club points and will still participate in the movie bonuses the studios offer. For instance, Sony is offering a promotion with Regal where seeing MIB: International, Spider-Man: Far From Home & Angry Birds 2 gets you a digital copy to all 3 movies plus 2,500 extra credits and a free small popcorn.That means for $20 a month you’d be able to see these three movies (plus however many other movies you can see), get points for them towards free food, drinks and merch, get the digital copies for all three movies and free popcorn.

Going with a friend? Regal Unlimited offers the ability to purchase your friends ticket at the same time so you can sit together. (Your friends ticket, of course, will be regularly priced).

How Much Does Regal Unlimited Cost?

There are three pricing tiers, depending on your geographic region. You can check to see what tier the theaters you most attend are here. The Regal Unlimited tier is $18.99 per month and includes more than 200 Regal theaters nationwide. The Regal Unlimited Plus tier is $21 per month and includes more than 400 Regal theaters nationwide. Finally, the Regal Unlimited All Access tier is $23.50 per month and includes all of the Regal theaters in the United States.

Additionally, when you get your ticket in app, the processing fee is discounted down to just 50 cents. If you get your ticket at the theater, there is no processing fee.

Are There Any Restrictions or Sneaky Details to Regal Unlimited?

There are a few common sense restrictions, but it’s generally an amazing program. The restrictions are things like not being able to book two movies showing at the same time because how could you be watching two movies at the same exact time? There will generally be an upcharge of $1.50 if you want to see a premium format movie like IMAX, but honestly who cares about $1.50 when you’re getting unlimited movies a month for $20.

Regal Unlimited is the best deal out there for anyone that sees more than 1 movie a month. In my area a movie ticket is $13 for a 2D movie. For just $9 more (in my geographic region), I can see a literal unlimited amount of movies. Regal Unlimited is a no brainer. As the host of Pop Culture Weekly, you know I've already signed up for a year. In fact, take all my money Regal Cinemas!

Get more information on Regal Cinemas Regal Unlimited movie subscription service.

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