The Weirdest Coworker Stories

Unfortunately most of us don’t get to choose the people we work with, and while sometimes folks are lucky and get co-workers they truly enjoy being around, that’s certainly not always the case. Most people have dealt with one strange or creepy colleague in their lifetime, and now some of those people are sharing stories.

Buzzfeed asked their community to share some of the weirdest and craziest things they’ve witnessed a co-worker do, and they didn’t disappoint. Some of the stories are creepy, others strange, and plenty are downright gross.

Weird things people have seen co-workers do include:

  • “I once had a coworker shave her legs during a meeting. No water, soap, or shaving cream — just the sound of a razor running over dry skin anytime there was a pause in the conversation.”
  • “There’s a woman at my work who NEVER closes the bathroom stall door while she uses it. I've also seen her shaving her armpits in there too.”
  • “My partner once saw a coworker stroll through the work kitchen looking uncomfortable. A moment later he shook his leg until a huge turd fell out of his pant leg. The coworker thought no one noticed, so he picked it up and threw it in the trash, then walked away like nothing ever happened.”
  • “Last year I worked at this diner, and one time my coworker picked her nose and threw the booger into to the spaghetti sauce she was making. She grabbed a spoon, and instead of getting the booger out, she asked me if I wanted to taste the sauce.”
  • “I worked at a car dealership, and once in the showroom one of the older salesmen actually pulled his pants down to his knees just so he could tuck his shirt in.”
  • “I walked into the bathroom and saw a coworker literally cutting off her underwear with a pair of scissors. She said it was because she was ‘hot.’”
  • “I worked at a summer camp for two years. One time I witnessed another camp counselor spill the paint he was pouring for an art activity and proceed to lick the spilled paint. He also moaned in pleasure as he swallowed it.”
  • “I once witnessed a coworker put a stool sample in our workplace's refrigerator. She needed it for a doctor's appointment later.”
  • “One day one of my coworkers stood on the public floor and pulled a tampon out of herself and throw it in the trash. Luckily, there were no customers around, but it was absolutely traumatizing.”

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