20 Things to Leave Behind in Your Twenties

Thought Catalog has compiled this list of bad habits you should seriously consider leaving behind in your twenties. Here are the top 10 (see full list at the link):

  1. Looking for the “adult” in the room.You’re an adult, even if you don’t feel like one. When something unexpected happens, look to yourself for direction first, not others.
  2. Believing people are as they appear on social media.Don’t let yourself get caught up comparing your real life to someone’s social media version.
  3. Fighting for people who won’t fight for themselves.It’s an excruciatingly painful waste of precious time.
  4. Staying out all night.By the time you close in on thirty, any outside “fun” that happens past midnight probably isn’t worth the next day’s pain.
  5. Sharing those side hustle skills for free.Start charging for your time, resources, and talent. You can get away with excuses in your early and mid-twenties, but it’s time to ditch them for good when you get more life experience. 
  6. Making excuses. You can get away with excuses in your early and mid-twenties, but after that it's time for them to go. 
  7. Saying “yes” when you should say “no.”Every time you go against your needs and wants, you betray yourself.
  8. Thinking you need a romantic relationship.Your twenties are about developing a strong bond with yourself. Once you do this, you can have healthy relationships with others.
  9. Oversharing on social media.There is power in privacy. Remember that.
  10. Expecting to know your purpose.Stop stressing about your purpose and focus instead on your passions.