Top Signs Your Relationship is Built to Last

The early days of a relationship are full of sweet romantic times, but they’re also setting a standard for how you treat each other. According to Dr. Tina B. Tessina (a psychotherapist specializing in relationships), experiencing certain things during the first year of your relationship can be a good sign that it’ll stand the test of time. She says these moments point to a happy future together.

  • You work past a fight- Surprised that fighting makes a list of moments that show you and your S.O. have a long future together? All couples will have disagreements, but being able to move past them is an indication your connection will last.
  • You get through a lull in your sex life- Your libido won’t always be on 10 and neither will your partner’s, but being able to work together to shake things up in the bedroom is a good sign for your future together.
  • You start to appreciate the simple things- A long-term relationship isn’t always full of the huge romantic gestures we see in the movies, but knowing how important the tiny shows of affection are is key to long-term relationship success.
  • You embrace cheesy romance- Fully accepting all the unique, quirky ways you and your S.O. show each other love is a solid sign your relationship will be a lasting one.
  • You learn to truly listen to each other- Actually listening and understanding isn’t the same as agreeing, but it’s key to coming to reasonable compromises and staying together for the long haul.
  • You find a common sense of humor- Sharing an inside joke with your sweetie can help ease the tension when things get tough and that can really help you make it as a couple.
  • You commit to a regular date night- Scheduling a standing date may not seem romantic, but being purposeful about spending time together is essential to your long-term bond.