Nice Couples Activities to do Instead of Binge Watching

We all love Netflix and chilling with it has kept us entertained in the comfort of the cool AC this summer, but sometimes you need to change things up. Watching an episode or five of your favorite shows with your sweetie all snuggled up on the sofa is a great way to spend an evening, but this summer weather won’t last forever, so you might want to venture out. And when you’re ready to break free from the TV, here are some other things to try with your S.O.

  • Go on a bike-ride- It’s fun to get fresh air with your partner and this workout doesn’t really feel like work.
  • Cook your favorite take-out meal- Find a recipe for your favorite restaurant entree, hit the grocery store, work together to recreate the meal, and then feast on your hard work.
  • DIY something for your apartment- Hang something up, put something together, or tackle that repair project as a team.
  • See a play- It’s like a movie on Netflix, but it’s happening live in front of you.
  • Hit the gym- Think how fit you’d both be if you spent the hours you’ve clocked on Netflix working out instead.
  • Binge-watch ... the universe- Get off the couch, go outside and stargaze.
  • Read the same book and talk about it- You can still lounge on the couch together and discuss what’s happening, just like you do with shows and movies.
  • Make fun cocktails and drink them while looking at and talking to each other- Have a real, screen-free conversation with your partner and bonus points if you turn your phones off too.
  • Make a couples’ bucket list- Planning stuff you want to do together is fun and actually doing it is even better.
  • Put your phone in airplane mode for a day and just spend time together- When was the last time you didn’t binge-watch a show and just focused on each other? Netflix will still be there tomorrow.