Bride Wears Wedding Dress Every Day to Get Moneys Worth

Most brides only get to wear their wedding dress once and then it gets stored away forever. But one newlywed in the U.K. wanted more from her wedding gown than a once-in-a-lifetime use, so she’s wearing hers pretty much everywhere now.

Dawn Winfield-Hunt tied the knot with her new hubby Steve earlier this month and since then, she’s put her white gown on to do everything from cooking to carpentry. “Usually you only get to wear your dress once and then you put it in a box and forget about it,” she says. “But I liked mine and decided to wear it the following day for a BBQ with friends and everyone loved it.” And since then, she’s continued wearing the wedding dress, so she’s definitely getting her money’s worth.

The bride says she and her husband have both been married before, so she “wanted to have a bit of fun this time.” And she’s not wasting any time. Since her wedding, Dawn has already worn her dress to a bar, a festival, and while paddle boarding. She plans to wear it into the ground and has even made a “bucket list” of activities she wants to do in her wedding dress before she officially retires it on their first anniversary.

“It will be covered in seaweed, wine stains and probably won’t even be white anymore but I don’t care,” says Dawn. “This one is going to have memories.”

Source:New York Post

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